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3 Easy Ways to Optimize your Conversion Rate

By February 27, 2018 No Comments

Conversions are the ultimate objective of every business that operates online. Optimizing conversion rate is a systematic process that increases the percentage of visitors who conduct the desired action – be that an account registration, newsletter subscription or, indeed, a sale – on a specific page of your site.

In case your website enjoys decent amounts of traffic, but you don’t get enough leads you are in the right place. An expert analysis uncovered well over 40 things that can make visitors stay on and return to your site, but I’ll guide you through three of the most powerful tactics to put you on the right track toward higher conversion rates.

1. Increase page load speed

Fast loading pages are all the rage of late: not only, Google measures speed and ranks sites accordingly, but a single second delay in a site’s loading speed leads to a 7% reduction in conversions.

Website visitors expect that a site to load in the blink of an eye. For instance, Mozilla increased the page load speed by 2.2 seconds, and as a result, downloads of Firefox figures increased by 15.4% or 10 million annually. The conversion rate is directly related to the fastness of your site. The best way to secure a nimble site is by working with a fast web hosting company who can help you implement simple speed optimizations techniques throughout.

In case you are using a site builder like Shopify or Weebly, go through their respective online learning centers and see what optimizations are easily applicable.

Most basic speed boosting technique are very easy to implement even without any technical knowledge.

2. Use live chat

Intuit.com increased their conversions by 20% and sales by 211% after adding a live chat to their website. Numbers show that live chat has an extremely positive impact on conversion rates and brand perception. Live chat apps help greatly to address questions and any concern your customers might have.

Most live chat solutions also provide a number of metrics, helping you assess the behavior of site visitors and the main points of interest. In general, it gives you all the tools necessary to create a good rapport with your customers and boost conversion rates.

3. Make the navigation simple and user-friendly

Navigation is essential in improving conversion rates. The Olympic Store reported an increase in conversions by 7.7% after simplifying the site navigation. The more straightforward your navigation is, the more likely it is for the visitors to make a purchase on your site. Design the navigation menu to enable easy access to all content of interest.

By implementing the above optimization tips, you should expect a rapid increase in your leads or sales. It is crucial to continuously test any new idea implemented on your site and see what works best.

Some of the solutions will work better than others, but those that work can propel your business beyond your wildest dreams.

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