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Guest Posting

We are now accepting guest posts! Please see our editorial guidelines below:


We have a reader first approach to this blog. Our audience consists of e-commerce entrepreneurs who are at the beginning, growth stage on an e-commerce startup. So the topic MUST be DIRECTLY relevant to that audience. Any of the e-commerce topics below will be useful to my readers.

  • selling products (physical or digital) online
  • managing an e-commerce business
  • expanding online presence

Content Guidelines

First and foremost, content has to be extremely useful to our audience. If they don’t come off better off from reading the post, the article is not a fit for selfstartr.com. The other major requirement is original (not published elsewhere AND will not be published elsewhere).

We have pretty strict guidelines for our own content, and Id expects the same level of quality from contributors. All posts should:

  • Be a minimum of 2,000 words
  • Have a minimum of 7 sections with subsections for each section
  • Include examples and case studies
  • Claims must be backed up with proper citations from trusted websites
  • Include additional media or attention grabbers

Good content is more than just copy, we only publish stuff with good media. Articles must contain

  • Screenshots
  • Quotes or Click To Tweets
  • Slideshares or embedded videos
  • Graphics/charts
  • Highly relevant photos or illustrations


You must have permission to use the images. I will not go to jail for you 🙂

Linking policy:

All links in guest posts will be carefully scrutinized. We encourage editorial links to back up claims or add extra value to readers. If links don’t offer value they will be removed. Links to commercial content will be no-followed.

Guest post submission process.

  1. In the form below, select guest posting
  2. Send your headline and outline (7-15 sections)
  3. Relevant writing examples (if you don’t have any e-commerce articles, you shouldn’t be contributing)
  4. If we like your headline and topic, we will get back to you.
  5. Send complete article in Google Docs with images inserted and links to original sources


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