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How To Build A Profitable Online Store. Step-by- step Instruction

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It is true that building a profitable online store is one of the most exceptional methods to
make money. However, it seems always tricky to understand where to begin. It is possible to
say that you do not need to have millions of dollars, much technical knowledge, or time to
open an online store. Nevertheless, the things that you should know is what software to use
and how to use it properly. Our essays will help you.

STEP ONE – Selecting online platform for your business

Choose the most functional platform
Exploring the ways to develop an excellent online store can be exhausting. It is essential to
find the platform to build it. There are many simple-to- use e-commerce platforms that can
offer the cheapest and fastest methods to start one. Such famous tools as Wix, BigCommerce,
and Shopify are three the most famous builders that are widely used by millions of people.
Other good examples of online platforms for business are ooCommerce, X-Cart, Zen Cart,
Magento Open Source, OpenCart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, or JigoShop. Even some of the
most famous companies use them to sell their clothes. Thanks to these platforms, all you have

to do is to sign up for a free trial and you can stop using it whenever you want. There is no
need to have any coding knowledge because all of them are very easy to use.

Launch your business asap
In other words, as soon as you create the name of your brand, as soon as you understand
exactly what are you going to sell, you should pick up the best online store builder for your
business. The services like Wix, BigCommerce, and Shopify will help you to upload the
pictures of your products or clothes and sort them into necessary categories, customize the
templates of your production to create a unique online shop with your brand, connect with
various payment options, control deliveries and technical needs.

As a result, now you do not have to waste money on paying some specialist to help you to
pen your business. With the help of the e-commerce platforms, you will be able to take care
of the name of your shop, of the domain name for your business, and you will make sure your
store will not be crashed. Finally, to keep all your clients’ data safe, do not forget about
security certificates.

No all online store builders can work well for all needs because each of them presents
different features. For example, Wix is the best option for small businesses because it works
with a small number of items to be sold. By contrast, BigCommerce is more suitable for large
companies. At the same time, Shopify can work for both needs.

All of these builders have trial periods to be tested. In order to select which one suits you, you
need to check all of them. You will have about 14 days to find the online platform that will
provide you all the features your business require. During the experiment, you need to
analyze if the templates available are suitable for you, if it is simple and comfortable enough
to make any chances, if it is possible to categorize the items, and if the navigation works well.

STEP TWO – Coming up with a good domain name for your brand

The next necessary step is picking a domain name for your business. This name will be seen
by all people who will come across your store online. It should be easy to understand and to
recognize. It should not hurt the credibility of your business because then the clients will stop
trusting you. In other words, the better your domain name will be, the more customers will be

Pick the right domain name
Do not forget to pick the correct country code. Choosing county-specific codes will work
more effectively for you in case you want to sell the items for people in one county only.
However, to sell your product to other countries, you need to select “.com” as your domain.

As it is possible to see, understanding the location of your customers is significant even while
choosing a domain name.

See the examples of other sites
To illustrate, many worldwide famous brands use “.com” as their domain if their website is
international. It is possible to visit some websites of the popular clothing stores that have their
real departments in many countries of the world, such as H&M, Zara, Mango, Bershka, &
Other Stories, Monki, COS, to see that their services are offered in English for everyone.
Other great companies that sell software and hardware, like Apple, HP, Dell, or Xiaomi, also
offer their products internationally. All websites of the firms that are international usually
offer to select your country and then they will show you the prices in your currency along
with the products available in the store nearby or in your city. It is a critical feature that
appeals to local target audiences.

STEP THREE – Developing a theme for your online shop

Design your website
The next step is selecting and customizing a theme for your online store. There are many
available templates, ready for use. However, making your website too simple and standard
will make it boring for the customers. At the same time, adding too many complicated design
features will make it too difficult to explain its sense for the audience. As a result, you need
to explore the options offered by various online store builders to see which template is better
for you and edit it to make it more special. Do not forget to focus on the colors and fonts.
Making your website look stylish and professional will help you to attract more clients and
you will soon get more sales. By contrast, making your store too glamorous or ridiculous will
negatively affect your success. Try to select a background color that matches the personality
of your brand. Do not make it too offensive. Do your best not to add too many pages. Focus
on the most important ones only. You should keep in mind that the simpler your online store
is, the quicker the client will understand how to buy something from your items.

Decide upon the features
Eventually, you need to make a list of the features you want your store to have. For example,
basing on your needs and basing on the items you want to offer, thing if you need to add
galleries, videos, or maps. At the same time, do not forget that your homepage is the mirror
of your success. It is the window of your online store because it is the first thing your future
client will see. Making it engaging enough will guarantee you are getting more customers and
increasing your sales. For instance, try adding a slideshow, a nice picture, or even a video on
the top of the page.

STEP FOUR – Preparing your products and adding descriptions

Business is all about selling products and making money, right? Eventually, the next step of
creating your online store is adding the list of your products. There are several fundamental
aspects to consider. All your products should have a name, price, and category. As a result,
you need to take care of the product description, its images, and categories.

Product description is the key
The description is the most crucial part of the item because it is responsible for persuading
the client to buy this item. You need to make sure the text is clear and mistake-free. It should
be eye-catching and informative enough for every person to receive all the details they
require to make a correct choice. At the same time, you should avoid adding long sentences
and clichés. You have to do your best to highlight the benefits of the items by describing how
it will help the clients. However, do not forget that misrepresenting the product will result in
negative reviews or even refunds!

Use a quality content only
With this in mind, there are tips rules to be memorized. First of all, you have to provide high-
quality images to make your production look good. Delete all blurry pictures. Make all of
them follow the same size and standard. All of them should be the same size. Use good
cameras to take your pictures. Besides, make sure it is possible to check the item from all
angles. Do not forget about the zoom option to view the item’s details. Finally, add as many
product variation images as possible to demonstrate a full range of colors for the client.

STEP FIVE – Categorizing all your items

The next step is putting all your products in categories. Sorting all items you have will make
shopping easier and enjoyable. While developing your product categories, you should think
about the price range, filtering options, and featured products. Indicating the price range will
prevent people checking items they are not able to buy.

Apply the filters
Offering your clients to filter all items by their names, prices, or sizes will make it easier for
people to make the best choice and receive the greatest experience from shopping with you.
Moreover, highlighting the featured products is a good option for informing your clients
about other available products they might be interested in.

For example, if you want to sell hardware and software, you should come up with the
categories like “smart phones”, “laptops”, or “accessories” for the clients to find the items
they need as fast as possible. On the other hand, if you are selling clothing, you have to offer
the categories highlighting gender or age for customers to focus on their needs and financial
abilities to enable people find the items for themselves quickly.

STEP SIX – Adding the best payment method

The next step might be the most exciting one for those who want to receive money as soon as
possible. It is adding a payment method. There are several popular methods to explore. The
first one is payment getaway packages. There are various applications that connect your
shop’s shopping cart to the network that will process the products. It is possible to accept
cards from all over the world one of the best options for small stores is PayPal. The second
option is merchant account and payment gateway. In this case, you start cooperating directly
with a bank that will accept all your payments and will send the money you receive to your

STEP SEVEN – Choosing delivering method

As soon as you establish the methods people can select to buy the items they want, you need
to make sure it is possible to deliver those items to them. Eventually, while building your
store, you need to remember adding a shipping origin address, mentioning accurate package
weights, partnering with a good courier such as FedEx, and selecting shipping option (if it is
free or not).

STEP EIGHT – Reviewing your store before launching it

Mind the details
Another step is making sure all basic details on your website are added. Some key elements
you need to review include time zone, currency, language, store name, and contact details.
You have to keep in mind providing information in language appropriate for your target
audience. Then, you have to indicate princes in the currency you want to receive payment in
that should also depend on the counties you want to make business in. You should not forget
setting the right time zone for you to control all the orders appropriately. Finally, do not
forget to indicate the working contact information (phone number and email) and the name of
your store that will appear in online searches and your homepage. It will serve as a
fundamental trust signal for your clients.

Test before launching

The last but not the least step is testing your online store. It is one of the most significant
steps you need to take before launching your online store. Without this additional check, it
will seem like running a marathon without training. You need to see the way the customers
see your pages. You need to evaluate if it is simple to use, if the information provided looks
good and clear, if all instruments work, if all pictures are visible. After taking one more look
on your website, you will be able to detect the mistakes you could miss or you will see if you
are able to satisfy your clients’ needs.


Understanding the steps needed to build your online shop to sell the items on the internet is
not the fundamental tasks of every businessperson. However, exploring the methods how to
organize it can make it easier for you to keep an eye on the details that can be ignored by
average person. The aspects described above can help to manage the most important things
while building an online store to start selling as soon as possible. Besides, the builders
mentioned above are very useful for those who wants to open a store without any additional
complex and frustrating designs. The most critical thing every business person should learn is
that to launch a business, you just need to start taking actions. Build an online store and start
earning now!

Saurav Deo is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur & digital marketer from India. He is the founder of Shout Makers Dream, Hatch Hives. At Shout Makers Dream he mostly writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, products reviews etc. He is a Hubspot Certified and Google AdWord Certified.

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