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Planning on Writing: Expectations vs. Reality

By November 29, 2018 No Comments

You get an amazing idea for your new book, and you make plans as you get your outline ready. You will encounter many situations as a writer that will test your writing expectations vs. reality. If you are working with a publisher there are word counts and revision deadlines that you need to meet. You need to manage all of these expectations so that when reality hits, you can adjust if things don’t go as planned.

When I started writing my first e-book, things just fell into place. It was exciting because the topics were in order and content was always ready for me to expound on. It was amazing, whenever I watched something on TV or online that was related to my topic I already had a chapter planned out to discuss the issues that I just watched.

Even normal conversations suddenly became topics for writing material. Ideas flowed naturally, and there never seemed to have a lack of what to write about. I guess it helps if you are passionate about your subject and are an expert in that field. You are familiar with all the terms and situations that one will encounter regarding your chosen subject.

My style of writing is choosing a problem and offering a solution. The first part of my e-books would discuss the problem that many are facing and the current situation based on reports, stats, and studies.

Once the problem has been established and backed up by facts, I then proceed to present my proposed solution to the problem or problems.

Experience is always the best teacher, there is nothing more effective than telling your own personal experience on how you solved the particular problem being discussed.

It’s all about storytelling from this point onward which makes writing quick and enjoyable. All you need is to recall past experiences and put them down on paper. No need to think or do research which can be time-consuming and draining for most writers. Writing your own story and sharing it with the intent of helping solve problems is an uplifting and encouraging way to write.

It’s a powerful tool because no one can refute your story. You just have to make sure that your story checks out of course, people will smell a fraud a mile away.

You can’t expect everyone to agree with you which is normal. Even if you believe that you offer the best solution to the problem that you are presenting, some people will disagree. I was able to manage this expectation vs. reality situation by just accepting the fact that not everyone will agree with me.

Even if you have shown proof, even if there are many testimonies about readers backing you up and applying your solution and it worked for them, you won’t get 100% agreement from your audience.

The most important thing for me as a writer is sharing solutions to people’s problems. I write for those who will agree with me and are open to applying the solutions I present. If my solution works for those who apply them, then my purpose for writing has been fulfilled.

I don’t write for those who will disagree with me, this management of expectation vs. reality, in this case, has helped me become more mature with my writing and more focused with my purpose. I used to get affected whenever people would disagree with what I write, but I have learned not to take things personally, now I manage this situation by reminding myself that it’s just about a difference in opinions and convictions.

As a writer, you find fulfillment when you get to use your gift to benefit many. An added bonus is when you earn a living and get paid for what you love to do.

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