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Exploring Pros and cons of e-commerce stores

By October 26, 2018 No Comments
Pros and cons of e-commerce stores

The e-commerce stores are a relatively new phenomenon that has already become an essential part of our life. Most of the shopping is conducted via the Internet and soon enough old-fashioned modes of shopping will disappear. However, as well as any other activity online, there are certain advantages and disadvantages since on one hand, people trust internet stores, on the other hand, they prefer more traditional ways of shopping. This essay is intended to reveal the most obvious pros and cons of e-commerce stores in general.


Pros of online stores:


1. Save time

There is no need to spend hours traveling from one store to another looking for the goods you want. Moreover, continuous selection of sizes and fitting are over. In order to buy something, you need to complete two simple steps. First of all, use Google to find all the possible online stores on the Internet offering this particular thing and find the most reliable one to make a purchase. There is no need to choose a specific time for shopping.

You can conduct your purchase any time even using your cell phone instead of waiting in the long lines. The only crucial requirement is to provide a chosen online store with all the necessary information on the goods you want to buy including size, color, shape etc. and don’t forget to get acquainted with terms and conditions. Then, support representatives of the chosen store will contact you to confirm an order.

2. Save money

Usually, prices on the internet are significantly lower than those in actual stores. First of all, it is connected with low taxes required to create e-commerce stores company; the owners of the company don’t have to rent expensive facilities with high trafficking to attract more customers. Another serious benefit of online stores is regular sales that conducted almost every month compared with actual stores that provide discounts only once every season.

3. A wide range of goods offered

It is obvious that online stores possess a wider range of services and goods provided since they don’t require actual space. Usually, you are likely to find something you want on the internet rather than in an actual store. Thus, it serious facilitates the search for necessary goods and people do not have to search for it throughout the city.

4. Detailed information on goods offered

Any good online store provides detailed information on each product on their list including size, shape, wearing period, intention, additional features, where this specific product was manufactured etc. Unlike online stores, actual ones prefer to keep a manufacturer in secrecy. Moreover, the offer full-fledged support service that will clarify an issue for you in case of any problem. Almost any online store has a pop-up online chat with a couple of working support agents.

5. Easy to pay

It is also one of the serious advantages of online stores. It does not require additional efforts. Just use your credit card to pay. Moreover, most of the banks cooperating with large online stores provide good discounts for their clients.

6. Various delivery modes

There are several convenient modes of delivery that include customer pick-up and courier delivery. You can choose any of the above-mentioned. Despite the fact that usually, any delivery is a paid one, thus, you can make sure that ordered goods will be safe.


Cons of online stores:


1. A picture is worth a thousand words

You will be able to see and touch a bought product only after its delivery and sometimes description of the product contradicts its actual outward. However, online stores are interested in preserving their reputation, so usually, customers get the desired goods. As was already mentioned any problem can be solved via online chat or telephone. Anyway, you can get a 100% refund in case of an issue. However, in this case, you still have to pay for the delivery.

2. Possible risks

Those who decided to use online stores put their money at risk. There is still a small possibility that you might be deceived. Moreover, a seller can refuse to provide even a partial refund. That’s why one should carefully select an online store on the basis of reviews of the customers.

3. Difficulty with delivery

With a great variety of goods, online stores have one serious disadvantage. Imagine that you’ve decided to buy a present for your wife; the one she dreams of for a long time. However, on the eve of a holiday, you won’t be able to order since the delivery will take a week. You can’t wait so long since her International Women’s Day is tomorrow

4. Registration

Usually, in order to buy something, one has to create an account on a chosen website. This is not obligatory, but without a personal account, one won’t be able to proceed. Personal information including email is required to create an account. Having created it, this online store starts to spam you with various special offers and discounts to convince you to order. It is rather irritating since usually email is used for work. Thus, any kind of spam is not appropriate here.

Saurav Deo is a passionate blogger, entrepreneur & digital marketer from India. He is the founder of Shout Makers Dream, Hatch Hives. At Shout Makers Dream he mostly writes about How to blog tips, SEO news, products reviews etc. He is a Hubspot Certified and Google AdWord Certified.

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